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What the insurance company doesn't want you to know...

If you or a family member become injured, you should immediately contact an attorney who specializes in personal injury. There is often key evidence that needs to be examined and preserved, and the more time that passes, the more difficult and complicated the case may become. A case may be lost simply with the passage of time.

Insurance companies regularly send out claims adjusters to take recorded statements and interview those injured in a personal injury matter. The golden rule is not to submit to these requests but, rather, to politely decline any interviews or decisions until you have consulted with an experienced and competent attorney. The adjusters are trained to try to limit the liability of the insurance company, and they are not there to take your side in the case. Do not give any recorded statements or sign anything with the insurance company or their representatives without first consulting an experienced lawyer.

If you have been involved in an accident it is vital to seek immediate medical attention. Many times, injuries do not manifest themselves as significant until days or weeks following the trauma. Get yourself checked out by a qualified medical facility whenever any type of injury is incurred. Both your health and your case may depend upon it.

Personal Injury Attorneys enhance the value of your case and help you avoid both mistakes and trickery by the insurance company. It has been demonstrated that clients that hire an injury attorney do much better than those that don't.

The Law Offices of Bret A. Schnitzer, P.C. has a goal to provide all of our clients with personalized legal representation while maximizing the financial recovery.

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The Law Offices of Bret A. Schnitzer, P.C. handles serious personal injury and death cases in all of the State and Federal Courts in Michigan. The firm is located in Lincoln Park, MI. which is ten minutes from downtown Detroit and conveniently located in Wayne County near all major highways and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The firm handles cases against all corporations and their insurance companies, businesses and negligent parties. The firm never represents insurance companies and is committed to victim's rights exclusively.